NUTS FOR KNOTS: A knot-tying workshop by high wire artist Philippe Petit

06/05/2022 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM ET



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Date: Sunday, June 5, 2022,  1:00PM-2:30PM
Instructor: Philippe Petit
Maximum Participants Per Workshop: 14 (no children under 12)

Best known as the man who secretly rigged a wire between the towers of the World Trade Center, Philippe Petit has performed on the high wire at majestic sites all over the world, including Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Lincoln Center and Grand Central Station. He personally rigs every wire on which he walks and has thus become a self-taught engineer and Master Rigger. His life depends on knots. In this hands-on workshop, Philippe will share a selection of loops, bends, hitches, binding knots and termination knots you probably don’t know you cannot live without. Philippe shows knots in action. He gives each participant a yard of cord, and everyone ties, everyone succeeds. Because Philippe’s methods are original and based on mnemonics, they are simple to learn and unforgettable.

You’ll learn:
- the best way to join two ropes of different diameters
-how to put a damaged line back to work instantly during an emergency
- a vicious knot no one can untie
-the shoelace knot that will never loosen
-how to secure your drooling camel to a palm tree and yet in half a second be
able to flee an attacking caravan
-to improvise a pair of handcuffs
All this and much more!

You do not need to know all 200 knots Philippe does. A few practical ones
will do. You’ll hear historical anecdotes and colorful stories, see
demonstrations of unusual variations of well-knots and odds are good
that you’ll see at least one rope magic trick.

$20 for individual tickets or two tickets for $35

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