Wooden Spoon Carving

06/22/2024 10:00 AM - 06/23/2024 04:00 PM ET


Come learn the incredibly satisfying craft of green wood spoon carving. Starting with locally sourced logs, we will evaluate what makes good ‘spoon wood,’ where it comes from, and how to split a blank from a larger piece. Spoon carving is a great way to learn about wood technology—the structure of wood, how it wants to be cut, and the characteristics of different species many of which cannot be found in commercial lumber yards.

We will use traditional edge tools, primarily carving axes and knives, to shape wood into the familiar form of a spoon. Essentially a bowl with a handle, the spoon is a three dimensional ride around shifting inside and outside curves. We will learn a variety of knife grips that will get us around the spoon safely and effectively. Spoon carving is a pared down way to work with wood. No power tools or loud noises, just the sound of chips and shavings falling to the floor. No experience necessary.

Dates: Sat., June 22 and Sun., June 23
10 AM to 4 PM
Instructor: Kate Hawes
Class Size (max.): 8
Attendance (min.): 5*
Skill level: basic
Prerequisites: none

Household Member & Above:
Individual Member: $210**
General Public: $230
Joint Instruction: $100***
Register By: June 9

Material Kit: $20 (price at checkout will include tuition and material cost)

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***For an additional fee, students are welcomed to bring a second builder to the class. This is a great opportunity to learn and have fun together. A joint instruction ticket must accompany someone taking the full instruction who purchases a materials kit. Select the "Joint Instruction" option when checking out.

Instructor: Kate Hawes has been working with wood for 25 years. They have worked as a custom furniture maker, founded a cooperative wood shop in Brooklyn, and taught woodworking classes to adults. They have taught woodworking at Peters Valley School of Craft, The Crafts Student League, Makeville Studio, and The American Folk Art Museum. They have a certificate in Furniture and Cabinet Making from The North Bennet Street School and was recently awarded a Masters in Craft History and Theory from Warren Wilson College with a research focus on contemporary spoon carving community. They completed a residency at The Anderson Ranch Arts Center and their work has been exhibited in shows around Brooklyn, The Fuller Museum, and Manifest Gallery. They split their time between teaching and working in their shop in the Catskills where they are inspired by the surrounding woods. www.katehawes.net